Welcome to the Intersection of Clarity and Creativity

Having access to information is not a challenge for most of us. Getting something out of it is. The main challenge is that the information is raw and not prepared for easy consumption. It get's worse when you want to understand new concepts or complex ideas.

I have found that when I share ideas in the form of images I can break through this cycle of frustration we all have.

The Philosophy

Graphics are a powerful way to distill and capture concepts that can take pages of text to pin down. This is a way to unlock understanding, inspire curiosity, and make learning fun.

The Process

Distilling and expressing an idea or a concept is not a linear process. There is no one way to do this, or a singular way to express this. Few graphics are "done" the moment pen and paper touch. Many are snapshots of the refinement process. Most are not ready to share because matching visual elements and a concept is a balancing act. But part of the joy of doing this work is to fail forward.

Showcase of Concepts

Below I am sharing 6 concepts from graphic design, that have gone through this process. I hope that they help you see the potential of this approach.


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If you want to explore more concept graphics you can access them using the topics below as jump off point.